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  eBanking - access account information whenever you want 
 check‚Äč Customizable Financial Center
 check Pay bills and schedule payments
 check eStatements with 36 months of history 
 check Transfers between Johnson Bank or external financial accounts 
 check Alerts including text messages 
 check News and announcements from Johnson Bank 
 check Stop payments online 
 check Reorder checks and make updates online 
 check 24/7 customer service
Mobile banking app for Android phones and iOS 
 check Mobile deposits through your mobile app 


  Personal Finance from Yodlee
 check View accounts at Johnson Bank and your external financial accounts
Track spending, calculate net worth, and create a budget
Track your home's value


  Security - one time security codes for added protection
 check Trusteer Rapport fraud protection software free
 check Secure email support


  • thumbnail Apple iOS Security Bug - Update Now!

    articlesApple iOS Security Bug - Update Now!

     We are providing this notice as a service to our customers, to help you protect yourself.  If you need technical assistance or more information about these updates, visit

  • thumbnail Have a Heart-to-Heart with Your Finances

    articlesHave a Heart-to-Heart with Your Finances

    Every account statement you receive is telling you something about the state of your finances. Depending on how your investments perform, you’ll see an increase or a decrease in your investment account balances. If you’ve spent more of your

  • thumbnail Mapping Your Investment Strategy

    articlesMapping Your Investment Strategy

    By knowing where you are financially today — and where you want to be in the future — you can make smart investment decisions. So, before you settle on an investment strategy, take time to define your goals and figure out how you’ll

  • thumbnail No Left Turns! On Your Way to the Right Mortgage

    articlesNo Left Turns! On Your Way to the Right Mortgage

    You want to find the perfect house, but first you should look for the right mortgage. The right amount of prep work can make your home buying process a success.  So you don’t find yourself lost before you even begin your search, let us help

  • thumbnail Mobile Banking Security

    articlesMobile Banking Security

    Mobile banking offers many advantages, such as strong security, easy access and many ways to manage your accounts.  You can pay bills, make deposits, transfer money and monitor your transactions wherever you have a mobile connection.  Plus,

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